The current Chapter Directors are Michael and Pat Pineda.  They LOVE
     to ride their 1800 Gold Wing and have logged many thousands of miles
     on their Wing.

                 The original Chapter K2 was Chartered in Kerrville, Tx.                   
                  In March of 2016,  Chapter K2 "Country Wings" was
                                 Re-Chartered in Castroville, TX.  



​  Our  members geographically come from all areas of the Hill Country      west  of San Antonio.  This is a diverse group of individuals that have been  brought together by one common love: “RIDING”.  We primarily ride Gold Wings. Some of the Chapter members also ride Harley-Davidson, Can Am Spyders, Yamaha, Suzuki and more.  

This is an amazing Chapter full of people that exemplify the GWRRA motto
of Friends for “Fun, Safety, and Knowledge.  We will be participating in Wing Ding 40 in Knoxville, TN.  We go to Texas and other State Rallies, weekday and weekend rides, also to various events sponsored
by other GWRRA Chapters. 
We are a fun-loving family of Motorcycle enthusiast's weaving our way thru the roads of the Texas Hill country and beyond. We have several organized Chapter events through the year.  

All bikes are welcome.
No matter what you ride, it’s all the same wind!
Check out our calendar page and find the ride of your life. We are looking forward to seeing you on the road or at an event.​​​​
  1.  K2 Ride to Big Ben
    K2 Ride to Big Ben
  2. Ride to Big Ben
    Ride to Big Ben
  3. Lost Maples in Vanderpool,TX
    Lost Maples in Vanderpool,TX
  4. K2 Ride
    K2 Ride
  5. June "BIKE NIGHT"
    June "BIKE NIGHT"
  6. June "Bike Night"
    June "Bike Night"
  7. June "Bike Night"
    June "Bike Night"